Why the Callan Method?

Speak English from the very first time with the Callan Method in an interactive and dynamic way, where the most important things are:

  • Conversation
  • Aural comprehension
  • The memory stimulation

All these with totally practical approach with questions and random answers which ensures student participation.
At the end of the 12 levels or "stages" of the Callan Method the student will master the 5621 most common words in English, they may hold a fluent conversation in English and will be eligible to stand for different official and Cambridge exams.
A course with the Callan Method is structured in a stepwise manner, where each lesson is divided into:

  • Listening and speaking
  • Repeat and assimilate
  • Read and write

Our courses

Face to Face
  • Callan Method Levels 1 - 12
  • Callan Bussiness
  • Get ready for Cambridge Certificate Exams
  • Spanish - Catalan for foreigners
  • Callan children
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  • Weekdays and weekends
  • Via Skype (lessons of 50 min.)
  • ​4 lessons a week / 16 lessons per month > Total: 240€ (15 euros lesson)
  • ​3 lessons a week / 12 lessons per month > Total: 180€ (15 euros lesson)
  • ​2 lessons a week / 8 lessons per month --> Total: 136€ (17 euros lesson)
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About us

I am Veronica and I grew up and study in Los Angeles – California. I have always felt a certain passion for teaching English and this was accentuated when I first came to Girona 16 years ago and started this journey. I began to realize that people here were tired of using traditional methods without getting the results they really expected. Then I started to put my knowledge into practice and began to create different ways and material to teach English in an enjoyable, fun and practical way, were speaking became the essential part of the class. Later on I focused all this methodology on each student personal goals and created particular classes based on my students future achievements.
Four years ago I created an effective and different way to prepare students for different Cambridge Certificates Exams helping myself with different American and British books, so that, my students learnt and will learn the small differences between this two “dialects” of English. As a result I got a great personal success because all the students I had prepared obtained excellent score in the examinations and their English level finally improved a lot.
Some time ago I discovered Callan Method which is an amazing and quickly way to improve spoken English in a really short period of time, which was exactly what I had been looking for to be a part of my classes.
Now I am forming a team of teachers whose feel the same passion and commitment on teaching English as I feel.

My commitment

My main objective is to teach spoken English in a practical, easy and enjoyable way, where the student feels comfortable and no longer afraid to speak English. Basically we focus on speaking through questions – answers introducing new vocabulary and grammar in a proper way since the very first hour of class. Following Callan Method there are no homework and there won’t be necessary to dedicate long study hours at home. Our classes are based on reviewing the lessons over and over again until students master all of them.
We prepare our students for different Cambridge Certificates as well, focusing in our “speaking basis”.

Our team


My goal is to create a nice environment and methodology based on conversational English for adults and through conversational playful for children, where learning English shouldn’t be a problem or a difficulty for anybody anymore.

I’ve got a C2 English level certified by Cambridge and I have privately taught English for more than two years. My goal is for everyone to be able to achieve what’s been easy for me, whether they’re studying out of love for languages or for practical reasons.