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Learn english with the Callan Method for adults

Learn English with the Callan Method in the quarter of your time with native teachers. Our main objective is to help our students to improve their spoken English. Groups with an average of 5 – 6 students per class (maximum 10). * Level test  would be required*

  • Extensive Callan 30 hours – 3 hours a week (1,5 classes x 2 days a week)
    Price: 85€ x Month (minimum one term)
  • Intensive Callan 60 hours – 6 hours a week (1,5 classes x 4 days a week)
    Price: 195 € x Month (minimum one term)
  • Super Intensive 12 Hours a week – 1 Stages x 4 weeks or 1/2 Stage x 2 weeks
    Price: 384 € x Month (minimum one term) – start in April
  • Super Intensive 24 Hours a week – 2 Stages x 4 weeks or 1 Stage x 2 weeks
    Price: 845 € x Month (minimum one term) – start in April
  • One to one: 3 hours a week (1,5 classes x 2 days)
    Price: 216€ x Month (minimum one term)
  • One to one: 6 hours a week (1,5 hour classes x 4 days a week)
    Price: 432€ x Month (minimum one term)

Levels: Beginner / Elementary, Lower-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate, Higher, Advanced, Upper-Advanced

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Callan for business

Designed for people working or intending to work in a professional environment in which English is used. In this course, students will be provided in an efficient and dynamic way, a lot of English words and structures related to the business world.

The course introduces and practices around 700 new vocabulary items, including corporate structures and technical terms, useful phrasal verbs, and language-related idioms and common work.

Furthermore, “Callan for Business” also includes some of the terms used most often in relation to company performance and financial aspects of the business.

An easy way to practice and assimilate business English.

700 new technical words and Business English “phrasal verbs” most useful.

Language related to business and economic and business affairs.

Review Exercises to remember the most essential points of grammar.

Exercises to develop skills in writing business mail.

Groups with an average of 5 – 6 students per class (maximum 10).

Aimed at students with higher level “B2” (Callan Method-Stage 10).

Two terms of 30 hours each.

  • 1st term – 3 classes a week (1,5 classes x 2 days)
    Price: 180€ x Month
  • 2nd term – 3 classes a week (1,5 classes x 2 days)
    Price: 180€ x Month

Levels: A minimum level of Callan Method Stage 10, B2 or First Certificate is required.

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Callan for kids coming soon

Four levels or stages with constant listening and speaking practice in a dynamic, fun and lively atmosphere. Trough playing children will systematically learn vocabulary and grammatical competences they would need to communicate with confidence.

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In company coming soon

Methodology for Company clients. Analysis of the needs of the company.

Company. Reasons for initiating these courses. Objectives. Particular needs, degree of control required, necessary resources.

Students. Test of level of understanding and oral expression. Identifying the areas and the situations in which students are going to use the language.

Content of the Course

Targets. Clarifying the level or degree of knowledge that students are aiming for, according to the number of classes and length of course. What and how much information they will be able to assimilate and to use.

Material. Callan Method, specific business and exam material (commercial English and Cambridge University) and complementary material (provided by the company).


Teacher. Each teacher has a control sheet of the progress and attendance of each student, from which the following information is gained that helps both the student and the company.

Progress. Quarterly mark with comments, observations and suggestions. At the end of the period a complete report of the course with the progress made in each area and the level attained is provided.

Attendance. Percentage of attendance of each student. Quarterly Report.


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Cambridge certificates: KET PET FCE  CAE  PEC  BEC  IELTS  TOELF

CA English Language School offers different training courses for Cambridge Certificates throughout the year. We train our students with our own material which have been prepared with the most important required lessons information for each certificate in addition of many real exams from prior calls.

Groups with an average of 5 – 6 students per class
Price: 95€ x Month

One to one
180€ x Month

* Level test  would be required*

* The enrollment and the material fee are not included in the prices*

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