What is the Callan Method?

The Callan Method, created in 1959 by Robin Callan, is the method that revolutionized the English learning system and is nowadays used in over 25 countries around the world.

The Callan Method´s effectiveness is based on two main factors:

  • The practical approachtaking into consideration that practiceis essential to having a good command of a language.
  • The lively courses – students easily escape the habit of mental translation, become faster in oral comprehension and remain focused during the whole class.

Being a conversational method, the Callan method ensures that students take advantage of every minute in the class and quickly develop their skills.

With the Callan Method you will learn English in ¼ of your time.

Due to these factors, and the fact that the system requires students to train their memory, what you learn through the Callan Method remains fixed in your mind much more effectively than English learned through any other method.


Learn English in three steps with the Callan Method:

1st Listening and Speaking

  • Guided conversation > Speak English from their first day, the teacher-student dialogue is based on question-answer guided conversations.
  • Avoid translation > Learnt without being translated or written. Teacher will explain new vocabulary always in English.
  • Speed and fluency > Class speed increases as the students acquire fluency because it helps to sustain concentration for the duration of the class and simulates the speed of a real conversation.

2nd Revision and Assimilation

  • Repeat and Remember > Everything learnt must be periodically revieweduntil the students start using the acquired knowledge spontaneously.
  • Improve pronunciation > The teacher corrects any pronunciation and intonation mistakes that arise and suggests vocabulary when necessary.
  • Speed and automatism > Students manage to answer automatically in Englishnot having to think in their own language first and then mentally translate into English.

3rd Reading and Writing

  • Reading > Students will read the words they have already learnt in class in a natural way, practicing the correct intonation.
  • Dictation > By doing dictations, students exercising oral English comprehension and practice how to write in a proper way.


Demo class: